A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Elevate is a simple and very short puzzle-platformer where you can't jump. You have to navigate the levels by changing the landscape.

Arrows - navigate

A - action

Developed in GameMaker: Studio for GBJam 5.

art / code / design

kamil bazydlo | @beechbone

sfx / music

fluffy | @fluffy




daniel linssen | @managore

CC0 1.0 universal license

Update v1.0.1.0: Minor bug fix

Known issues: [Mac] There is unintentional music desync when using switching action.

Update v1.0.2.0: [Mac] Fixed music desync in macOS version

Install instructions

macOS: Please use itch.io desktop app to install the game.


- Press CMD + Space, type Terminal and press Return
- Type cd Downloads/ and press Return
- Type xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Elevate.app and press Return

The above will remove the game from quarantine and you will be able to run it. If you moved the file into other directory, please change Downloads/ from second step to the appropriate location.

Sorry for inconvenience.


Elevate_GBJam_1.0.1.0.exe 3 MB
Elevate.zip 3 MB
Elevate_1.0.2.zip 8 MB


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Hm, the Mac build of 1.0.2 won't open. I just get a "this application is damaged and should be moved to the trash" error.

Thanks for pointing that out. The game gets corrupted upon download, for some reason. Probably has to do with security, but I'm guessing. I need to research that. In the time being, could you try installing the game via itch.io desktop app. This seems to work just okay. I added the note to install instructions.

Huh, yeah, it works fine from the itch app, and also the .app that it downloads launches fine on its own as well. Weird!

It's Mac's quarantine. This is kind of a bug/limitation of current versions of GameMaker, unfortunately. I revised install instructions to reflect how to get past the quarantine.

But it's not doing what quarantine normally does; quarantine says that the app cannot be opened because it was an unidentified developer, and you can work around that by ctrl-clicking the package and selecting "open." This was a completely different error message, about the app being damaged.

The really weird thing is that when I download it through the app vs the web and do a byte-for-byte comparison between the resulting .app bundles, though, it finds no differences.

Yeah, that's what I'd usually expect of quarantine. This is a different outcome so it was confusing, but it looks like the attribute quarantine sets on the app is breaking it if it's compiled with newer versions of GameMaker, than the one I previously used. The Terminal command restores it.

Hey, I just noticed a Mac version exists! Woo! A shame about the music desync though. I wonder if it's just not starting the music until it has a non-zero volume... maybe loading the B track at like 1% volume at startup would help.

Yeah, for some reason the bug occurs only on Mac version. Temporarily I don't have access to a Mac so can't try fixing it, but I'll try do something about it in the future. Maybe I'll recompilethe project in GameMaker 2 once I switch to that version. Not really sure if it's a bug in my code or GM is just handling the functionality differently under Mac module.

Long, long overdue but I moved the game over to GameMaker: Studio 2, and that pretty much fixed the issue with music desync. Due to low complexity of the project I didn't even had to edit much in the game, but previously I wasn't able to test it.

Nice! Thanks for the update, and for fixing the game. :)